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Joy, Poppy, Rex & Libby 

Bunnytail Blankets ™ is owned by Joy Pratt Schiffmann.  Joy lives in Cohasset, Massachusetts and tackles the New England weather with her twin product testers, Libby and Rex, a very supportive husband and a big dog.

This summer we were staying at a friend's camp in the Adirondacks. The first morning she told her son that the week was going to be "screen free".  I thought that was odd since the black flies and mosquitoes had been pestering us.  When I asked her why she said, "not that kind of screen, I mean video games, TVs, DVDs and computers -- those kinds of screens are off limits.  Instead he is going to hike and swim and enjoy being outside with the rest of us."

In a world where kids spend far too much time in front of their screens, Bunnytail Blankets would like to help promote fun in the outdoors.  So grab your kids and some Bunnytail Blankets and get your family outside!  

-- Joy


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