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I bought http://www.nextshooter.com/ an extra Bunnytail Blanket to keep on-hand as a baby gift, but after the first fall day, I decided to give it to my three-year-old son. Ever since, he has been using it in the jogging stroller, cozying up Top-casinos-us.com on the couch with it, etc. Newonlinecasinosus.com His two older brothers were so jealous that they kept asking for ones in “their size”.
I’m so glad there are big ones now !!! --- Amy F.


Outdoor Protection for kids on the Go
Windproof and water-resistant material backed with warm fleece, this little piece of gear should go everywhere your child does. Essential in a stroller, great on a boat, or wear as a cape!

And we have answered your pleas ….introducing our new Family Size Blanket – perfect for picnics, the beach or watching while the kids take the field.

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