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Bunnytail Blankets™ are proudly made in New England of high-performance fabrics.  Windproof and water-resistant shell fabric backed with warm polar fleece, this little piece of gear should go everywhere your child does. Essential in a stroller, great on a boat, or wear as a cape! We also added larger size blankets for older kids and adults. Now everyone can enjoy the protection of a Bunnytail Blanket™.

Outdoor Protection

You love the outdoors; you love to be with your kids. Face it, the two are not always compatible passions. But with a Bunnytail Blanket you can keep your kids comfortable, and your outdoor agenda intact - regardless of the weather. Bunnytail Blankets™ are built to fend off wind, drizzle and cold so children stay cozy and enjoy being outside. They are an essential accessory for active families that love the outdoors.

The double-layer blankets are made of performance fabrics developed to meet the technical demands of the outdoor industry. A soft water-repellent shell blocks wind and resists moisture (similar material is used for sleeping bags and outerwear). A plush layer of Polartec fleece provides warmth. Reflective trim runs the entire length of the nylon to increase visibility and safety, particularly helpful during evening runs with the baby jogger. Think of it like a jacket without the hassle of zippers and sleeves. Fleece against skin, nylon against the elements.

The design is simple and therefore the product is extremely versatile. Use it as a wind breaker, picnic blanket, play area, changing pad, seat protector, sun shield, or beach towel. And the uses go far beyond kids - sporting event spectators (soccer moms!), boating enthusiasts and pets love the warmth and protection too. Keep one in your car and one in the stroller and come up with your own uses - send us your ideas!

The original size is 30” x 36” and the new family size measures 60” x 60”.


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